AD-DIN MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, 2 Bara Maghbazar,  DHAKA, (Location, Helpline Number, Address, Specialist Doctor List) :-


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AD-DIN MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, 2 Bara Maghbazar,  DHAKA, Address, Contact Number, Email and Website:

Ad-din Medical College Hospital bara maghbazar
Ad-din Medical College Hospital, bara maghbazar

Ad-din Medical College Hospital

Address: 2 Bara Maghbazar, Dhaka-1217;

Manager (24×7) : +88-01713488418;

Ambulance : +88-01713488411-12;

E-mail:  [email protected];

Website :;

AD-DIN MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, 2 Bara Maghbazar,  DHAKA, Dhaka Doctor Visiting Fee/Charge:

  • Normal:
  • Priority Patient Specialist Fee: (500+) TK.

AD-DIN MEDICAL COLLEGE HOSPITAL, 2 Bara Maghbazar,  DHAKA, Opening Hour:

  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours


Dept of Gynae & Obs


  1. Prof. Dr. Anowara Begum MBBS, FCPS (BD), FCPS (Pak), Professor.
  2. Prof. Dr. Shamsun Nahar MBBS, MS Professor.
  3. Prof. Dr. Hosne Ara Khatun Professor.
  4. Prof. Dr. Gulshan Ara Begum MBBS, MCPS Professor.
  5. Prof. Dr. Laila Noor MBBS(DMC), MCPS, FCPS(Gynae) Professor.
  6. Dr. Nurun Nahar MBBS, MCPS Sr. Consultant.
  7. Dr. Kazi Morjina Begum MBBS, DGO Assistant Professor.
  8. Dr. Mahbuba Siddiqua MBBS, DGO, MCPS Associate Professor.
  9. Dr. Banika Biswas MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  10. Dr. Most. Shafia Begum MBBS, DGO Consultant.
  11. Dr. Sabiha Begum MBBS, DGO, MCPS, DMCH&FP Sr. Consultant –ANC.
  12. Dr. Jhuma Biswas MBBS, MS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  13. Dr. Nasrin Sultana MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  14. Dr. Shahanaz Akter MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  15. Dr. Nilufar Yesmin MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  16. Dr. Rohima Begum MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  17. Dr. Fatema Binta Islam MBBS, MCPS, MS Assistant Professor.
  18. Dr. Shamima Begum MBBS, DGO Registrar, ANC.
  19. Dr. Hasina Begum MBBS, MS Registrar, ANC.
  20. Dr. Nura Ahmed Muna MBBS MO.
  21. Dr.Shahina Parvin MBBS MO.
  22. Dr. Tasmina Haque MBBS, FCPS part-1 MO.
  23. Dr. Shahanaz Parvin MBBS MO.
  24. Dr. Nadia Islam MBBS HMO.
  25. Dr. Fatema tuz-Zohora MBBS HMO.
  26. Dr. Tahsin Binte Faruque MBBS HMO.
  27. Dr. Jannatul Ferdous MBBS HMO.
  28. Prof. Dr. Md. Hamidur Rahman MBBS, FCPS Professor and Head.
  29. Prof. Dr. ARM. Luthful Kabir MBBS, FCPS (Paed) Professor.
  30. Dr. Taslim Uddin Ahmed MBBS, DCH Professor (CC) & Superintendent.
  31. Dr. Ashraf Uddin Ahmed MBBS, DCH, MPH Professor (CC) & Nutrition Coordinator.
  32. Dr. Afsana Mukti MBBS, DCH, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  33. Dr. Quazi Md. Hafizur Rahman MBBS, DipPaed. Sr. Consultant.
  34. Dr. Md. Hakimul Haque Khan MBBS, DCH Sr. Consultant.
  35. Dr. Golam Faruque MBBS, DCH Sr. Consultant.
  36. Dr. Chowdhury Shamsul Hoque Kibria Pavel MBBS, DTCH Registrar.
  37. Dr. Md. Abdul Khaleque MBBS, DCH Consultant.
  38. Dr. Sudipta Roy MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  39. Dr.Masuma Khan MBBS Assistant Professor.
  40. Dr. Sabira Rahman MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  41. Dr.Armin Sultana MBBS Registrar.
  42. Dr.Rumana Farzana MBBS MO.
  43. Dr. Fahmida Hossain MBBS MO.
  44. Dr.Habiba Jahan Kakon MBBS HMO.
  45. Dr.Salma Sultana Shorme MBBS IMO.
  46. Dr. Sharif Asraful Habib MBBS IMO.
  47. Dr. Shahanaz Binte Alam MBBS IMO.
  48. Dr. Kazi Kamrun Haque MBBS HMO.
  49. Dr. Jannatul Kubra Nabila MBBS HMO.
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Dept. of Pediatrics U-1 Yr. NICU & PICU


  1. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan MBBS, FCPS Professor.
  2. Dr. Mahmuda Hassan MBBS, MD Professor.
  3. Dr. Most. Sabina Yasmin MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  4. Dr. Navila Ferdous MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  5. Dr. Md. Manzurul Islam MBBS IMO.
  6. Dr. Md. Parves Anwar MBBS IMO.
  7. Dr. Taposhi Rabeya MBBS MO.
  8. Dr. Sams Tabraz MBBS MO.
  9. Dr. Nusrat Jahan Liza MBBS MO Neonat.
  10. Dr. Khandakar Razwan Hossain MBBS MO Neonat.
  11. Dr. Md Mahmudur Rahman MBBS MO Neonat.
  12. Dr. Urmi Nath MBBS MO.
  13. Dr. Farhana Easmin MBBS MO.
  14. Dr. Mahmuda Islam MBBS MO.
  15. Dr. Shabnam Marisia MBBS MO.
  16. Dr. Romana Haque MBBS MO.
  17. Dr. Sadia Akter MBBS MO.
  18. Dr. Sharmin Akter MBBS MO.
  19. Dr. Sabrina Sultana MBBS MO.
  20. Dr. Sadia Binta Ekram MBBS MO.

Dept. of Internal Medicine/ Cardiology

  1. Prof. Dr. Manabendra Nath Nag MBBS, FCPS Professor and Head.
  2. Dr. Md. Akmat Ali MBBS, MD (Hepato) Associate Professor.
  3. Dr. Khadija Begum MBBS, FCPS (Med) Associate Professor.
  4. Dr. A. H. M. Khairul Imam Suman MBBS, FCPS Associate Professorcc (from 1.1.15).
  5. Dr. Richmond Ronald Gomes MBBS, FCPS (Med) Associate Professor.
  6. Dr. Mohammad Moin Shahid (Endocrinology) MBBS, Diplpma in Endocrinology Assistant Professor.
  7. Dr. Musanna Al Faruki MBBS, FCPS part-1 Registrar.
  8. Dr.Mahbuba Afroj MBBS MO. Med.
  9. Dr.Kawsara MBBS MO. Med.
  10. Dr. Sumaya Akter MBBS MO.Med.
  11. Dr. Rubya Islam MBBS MO.Med.
  12. Dr. Nushrath Jahan Haque MBBS IMO.
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Dept. of Neuro Medicine & Nephrology


  1. Dr.Nuruddin Mohammad Eusuf MBBS, MD Assistant Professor.
  2. Dr.Muhammad Ehsan Jalil MBBS, MD Consultant Dept: Cardiology.
  3. Dr. Md. Atikur Rahman (Cardiology) MBBS, MD (Cardiology) Consultant.
  4. Dr. Md. Nazmul Hasan MBBS, MRCP (UK), MCPS(Med.), Md(Cardiology) Assistant Professor Dept: Dermatology/ Venereology.
  5. Dr. S M Matiur Rahman MBBS, DDV Associate Professor.
  6. Dr. Fouzia Yeasmin MBBS, DDV MCPS, Consultant.
  7. Dr. Kaniz Rahman MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor Dept: Psyciatry.
  8. Dr. Hosnerara MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor  Dept: Surgery.
  9. Prof. Abu Ahmed Ashraf Ali MBBBS, FCPS (Pak & BD) FICS Professor & Head.
  10. Dr. Sadia Armin Khan MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  11. Dr. Abdus Salam MBBS, MS. Assistant Professor.
  12. Dr. Shamima Nasrin MBBS, FCPS Registrar.
  13. Dr. Abdul Mottaleb MBBS Registrar.
  14. Dr. Shahana Sultana MBBS R.M.O.
  15. Dr.Sharupa Chowdhury MBBS MO.
  16. Dr. Lutfun Nessa Lata MBBS HMO Dept: Urology.
  17. Prof. Dr. Md. Afiquor MBBS, FCPS, Professor & Head
  18. Dr. Md. Hasanuzzaman Hansan MBBS, Ph.D Assistant Professor Dept: Paediatric Surgery.
  19. Dr. S.M. Rezaul Karim Maruf MBBS, MS Associate Professor.
  20. Dr. Mahjabeen Binte Mamun MBBS MO Dept: Ophthalmology.
  21. Dr. Md. Hafizur Rahman MBBS, FCPS, FICO (UK) Associate Professor.
  22. Dr. M A Matin MBBS, DO Associate Professor.
  23. Dr. Rokeya Sultana MBBS, DO, MS Associate Professor.
  24. Dr. Moyez Uddin Ahmed MBBS, DO, MPH, Flco (UK) Assistant Professor Dept: ENT.
  25. Dr. Syed Sanaul Islam MBBS, BCS, FCPS Consultant.
  26. Dr. Md. Mahbub Alam, MBBS, MCPS, DLO Associate Professor.
  1. Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan Khan MBBS, FCPS Associate Professor Dept: Orthopaedics.
  2. Dr. Abu Bakar Siddique MBBS, MS(Ortho-surgery) Asso. Professor.
  3. Dr. Harun Ar-Rashid MBBS,D-Ortho Asso. Professor.
  4. Dr. Shahidul Islam MBBS, MCPS (Sur), MS (Orth) Asso. Professor (CC).
  5. Dr. Diponkar Chandra Banik MBBS, D. Ortho Consultant.
  6. Dr. Tahmina Akther MBBS MO Dept: Dental Surgery.
  7. Dr. Ayasha Akter BDS, DDS Consultant & Head.
  8. Dr. Tasnuva Tamanna BDS Dental Surgeon.
  9. Dr. Sayeda Sabira Sultana BDS Dental Surgeon.
  10. Dr. Kolpana Devi Roy BDS Dental Surgeon Dept: Anaesthesiology.
  11. Prof. Dr. Md. Azizul Gafur MBBS, DA, FCPS Professor & Head.
  12. Dr. Fazlul Kabir Farhad MBBS, FCPS Assistant Professor.
  13. Dr. Lubna Rahman MBBS Registrat.
  14. Dr. Md. Waliullah MBBS, FCPS Consultant.
  15. Dr.Mahmudur Rahman Khan MBBS MO.
  16. Dr. Preitom MBBS MO.
  17. Dr. Roksana Sadeque Smarna MBBS MO.
  18. Dr. Safa Mohammad MBBS MO.
  19. Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun MBBS MO.
  20. Dr. Md. Abdullah Al Mamun MBBS MO.
  21. Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun MBBS MO.
  22. Dr. Al Kayes Sarker MBBS MO.
  23. Dr. Suvojith Ghosh MBBS MO.
  24. Dr. Farzana Ahmed Bristy MBBS HMO Dept: Radiology.
  25. Prof. Dr. M. A. Quddus MBBS, DMRD, FCPS Professor & Head Dept: Ultrasonography.
  26. Dr. Raihana Noor Khan MBBS, MSC (USG) Asst Professor.
  27. Dr.Mehjabin Haq Sonologist.
  28. Dr. Syeda Umme Akhter MBBS, DMU Sonologist.
  29. Dr. Farzana Yesmin MBBS, DMU Sonologist.
  30. Dr. Saleha Khatun MBBS, DMU Sonologist.
  31. Dr. Syeda Tasneem Jahan MBBS, DMU Sonologist.
  32. Dr. Farzana Khanom Tuli MBBS, DMU, M.Phil (Pub. Health) Sonologist.
  33. Dr. Meftahul Mawa MBBS, DMU Sonologist.
  34. Dr. Farzana Hussain Bonny MBBS, DMD (Advanced) Sonologist.
  35. Dr. Bithi Majumder MBBS, DMD.
  36. Dr. Kaniz Fatema (2) MBBS, DMD, PGT(DMCH) Special training in TVS & colour doppler Sonologist  Dept.: Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank.
  37. Dr. Md. Wasim MBBS, DBF&T Consultant  Dept: Pathology.
  38. Dr. Shahadat Hossain MBBS, M.D. Associate Professor.
  39. Dr. Farida Yeasmin MBBS, M.Phil (ClinPath.) Assistant Professor Clinical Path.
  40. Dr. Rahima Afroze MBBS, DCP Consultant Clinical Path. Dept: Microbiology.
  41. Prof. Dr. Afzalunnessa Binte Lutfor MBBS, M.Phil Professor & Head.
  42. Prof. Dr. Arpita Deb MBBS, M.Phil Professor.
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